Summer Aqua Fitness in Florida

Winter Garden Returns with Metfitness this Summer!

Aqua Fitness and Aqua Zumba will be returning to the Winter Garden schedule starting May 13th for the entire summer! Stay tuned for more details and the full 2017 summer class schedule.



Interested in becoming an instructor?


METFitness will be having an Aqua Fitness Training that is open to all fitness professionals in the Orlando area! For more details about the training, or if you are interested in teaching classes with us, please email us on our contact page at:


Summer Shakes

We all tend to eat different foods for breakfast, depending on our habits and tastes. I never liked breakfast very much when I was younger because plain cereal with milk was fairly unappetizing and still is in my opinion. However, as an adult I have learned that breakfast can be anything from leftover pizza to a delicious spinach and cheese Quiche. Any foods you enjoy in moderation will probably be fine for the first meal of the day.

Now I have discovered shakes that are perfect for summer. There are an amazing combinations of flavors and textures that are available limited only by our imaginations and taste buds. I use a Nutrabullet blender but any powerful blender will suffice. Then start playing with your food.

My current shake is made up of ground flaxseed meal, ice cubes, 8 oz. of ice water, chia seed gel (chia seeds combined with water and soaked overnight), protein powder in any flavor you like, and whatever fruit is in your refrigerator. Less than a minute later, breakfast is served.

This shake also has the advantage to being able to travel with you because the ingredients do not need refrigeration. You only need to pick up some fresh fruit wherever you are traveling as long as you bring your blender along.


Spring moves

Spring is here and it’s time to get moving! This is the time of year when everything seems to take on a new life: plants are putting forth new leaves and people are also starting to feel energized after a cool winter. The warm sunshine beckons everyone outside to start playing and feel like children again. Now is a great time to go outside and walk around your block to meet the new neighbors. Instead of driving a car everywhere, walk to the corner store and feel the lift in your step. I have found a few hills in my neighborhood that are better than a stair IMG_2240climber and I get the extra benefit of fresh air at the same time. Remember to carry a bottle of water with you and enjoy spring!

Late Night Snacking

Snack Attacks

As someone who eats healthfully on a regular basis, snacks can still be a big issue. When I go out with friends to lunch or dinner,they already know that I will be searching the menu for the fish or salad entrees, getting dressing on the side, etc., but I can’t always help myself when they ask about desserts.

That being said, as the sun goes down, something starts to happen to my discipline. Now is the time to relax, watch a movie, read a book, and snack. As a kid growing up, we always had cookies in the house, and I got into the habit of liking something sweet at night, as many of us do. Even though I am now an adult, I still long for a little something different from regular fare, to cure that sweet tooth. It is difficult to remember that the best treat is feeling healthy and confident about my choices the following day.

One of the solutions I have found to be helpful is drinking lots of water. Snack cravings are often confused with hydration. I find that if I am looking for a snack, a glass of water will often do the trick. Amazingly, it does help stop the need for constant trips to check out the refrigerator, when combined with lots of will power. Another great tip I have found, is that brushing your teeth after dinner will help reduce cravings for snacks, as the minty flavor of toothpaste does not mesh well with most foods. We all have different methods and the most important thing is finding the one that works best for you and your lifestyle.