Let’s Take It Outside

Morning exercises

It is the best time of year to get outdoors here in Florida! Spring is here and things are starting to get warmer as we move into Summer. This phrase does not always bring to mind the thought of exercise but that’s because you might be looking at it the wrong way. Depending on what you like, exercise outdoors can be truly rewarding. It can help decrease stress and increase motivation. Just pick something you really like to do so you can look forward to doing it. Here are some possible suggestions:

Walk – call a friend in your neighborhood to go for a walk. Catch up on the local news and share a laugh as you spend some time outdoors enjoying the wonderful weather we have here in Florida this time of year.

Bike – Dust off those pedals of your bicycle sitting in the garage and go find an adventure. Bike to a lake or park and see what others are up to. You might get more ideas on your travels. Stationary bikes are great too if you join a class indoors where you can get motivated.

Play a Friendly Game- There’s lot of things to do right where you live! There’s basketball courts and tennis courts right here for you, this is the best time to get outdoors and enjoy the awesome Florida weather we brag about.

Swim- Looking for something low-impact and easy on the joints? Go for a swim or take your workout to the pool with Aqua Fitness.

Yoga – if you want to work out with a little more control, perhaps a yoga session in your community will give you the relaxation and enjoyment you are looking for. It’s always more fun if you ask someone you know to join you! METFitness has Yoga every Thursday evening at 6pm at B Resort and Spa in Orlando. Check out our website for more information on joining us for classes here! http://www.metfitnessflorida.com

Whatever you decide to do, put the idea of fun at the front of your plan, and do something that you will look forward to doing. Remember the child in you and get out of your house and have fun!


Spring moves

Spring is here and it’s time to get moving! This is the time of year when everything seems to take on a new life: plants are putting forth new leaves and people are also starting to feel energized after a cool winter. The warm sunshine beckons everyone outside to start playing and feel like children again. Now is a great time to go outside and walk around your block to meet the new neighbors. Instead of driving a car everywhere, walk to the corner store and feel the lift in your step. I have found a few hills in my neighborhood that are better than a stair IMG_2240climber and I get the extra benefit of fresh air at the same time. Remember to carry a bottle of water with you and enjoy spring!

Walking to Fitness

Exercise can sometimes seem like a chore to many people. People who have busy lives and moving from task to task during the day end up at the end of the day too tired to exercise. However, one of the best exercises that people can do is merely take a walk. Walking can be a routine that can be established easily for most.

Walking has many benefits, especially if you walk at a quick pace. Some of the benefits may include maintaining a healthy weight and strengthening your bones, and increasing your strength and endurance. The more you walk, the greater the benefits you will realize. There are ways to make a walk into a fitness stride by being conscious of maintaining a good posture and walking with a plan in mind.

If you’re not walking now, start by walking 3 times a week at a steady pace for about 20-30 minutes. Build up to 5 times a week for 30 minutes or more each session. There is no right time for you to walk on a daily basis; rather the time to walk is what works for you. Morning people may want to start their day off with a brisk walk around their neighborhood while others may opt for an after dinner walk, which can also help with digestion.

Start tomorrow with a short walk and take short strides at a quick but comfortable pace. You should be able to feel your glutes working and yet not be short of breath. Try different stride lengths to see what feels natural to you. Pay attention to how your feet hit the ground. It is usually normal for your heel to hit first, even if you are barefoot. Then as your body moves forward, your foot should naturally roll forward from heel to toes. Some barefoot walkers might walk with a more midfoot strike and roll forward. You should use the foot strike that is most efficient for you. Check your posture from time to time, keeping erect and using your core muscles to maintain your balance.

As you finish your first day of your new daily walk routine, get a large glass of water to hydrate and pat yourself on the back. You have started an exercise plan that you can easily maintain. You might want to find a partner to join you in your walk but even on your own, a daily walk will invigorate you.