Eat Fresh!


June 2015

This is the season to eat fresh!

Walking into the grocery store today, I was almost overwhelmed by the abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables that were piled high throughout the produce section. It was almost holiday time for the senses, making it hard to know what to select to take home.

I picked up some beautiful broccoli as well as some asparagus. Corn on the cob was also a possibility but I decided to wait a couple of days because of lack of refrigerator space. Tomatoes and spaghetti squash rounded out my vegetable choices since I am going to use them to make a low carb/ calorie version of baked lasagna later this week. Look for this lasagna (spaghetti squash version) in our recipe section.

Moving over to the fruit aisles was almost overwhelming. After much deliberation, I chose fresh cherries, red grapes, a cantaloupe, peaches, strawberries, and blueberries. The displays were tempting; be careful when traveling through the fruit aisle of a grocery store. You may bring home more than your can eat in a week.

Summer is such a great time to eat fresh foods that are available in such abundance. Prices in stores and roadside stands are lower because all of this produce is ready to eat at the same time. It is a great time to eat well and stay motivated on your path to good health.


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