Happy Valentine’s Day

jogging-heart-12984085As Valentine’s Day approaches, we are all inundated by images on all social media.It seems like hearts adorn everything from underwear to cars. The message is very clear. People love the concept of being in love. Many spend the week prior to Valentine’s Day in a panic, trying to come up with the right card, or gift, for someone special in our lives.

One of the best gifts we can give to someone else is a gift to promote their good health. You could give a gift membership to a gym but that may not result in them actually going to exercise. A simpler gift could be inviting a good friend to join you in a Zumba or Pilates class at a local studio or fitness center. Many people start a lifetime of good exercise habits from one introductory class. Or perhaps, just ask them to join you on your morning walks. Both of you will more readily continue these daily routines if you know that someone is expecting you to show up.

Valentine’s Day is symbolized with a heart. Go ahead and give the heart-shaped card but also give a helping hand to the person you care for to keep their heart healthy.


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