New Year’s Goals 2015

Every year many of us make New Year’s resolutions. Some we keep, many we break, and some never even get started. How many times have you vowed to change your eating habits, drop a few extra pounds, or start a new program?

Perhaps take a moment this year, before setting your resolution, and think about what is the most important goal for your health in the New Year. Sometimes we forget that small changes can make a big difference and are often more attainable than goals we are barely able to set our sights on. Think about how you can change your life, maybe in just one small way for the better. This could mean trying a new fitness class, taking walks outside, or possibly cutting some less than healthy foods out of your diet.

Before making those New Year Goals just remember: Your goal should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and should have small time-related check points to help you throughout the year. If last year your goal was a general one “to eat healthy” (and that didn’t seem to work for you), maybe try a more specific goal such as cutting some unhealthy foods from your daily diet. Add healthy options in their place that are realistic to you and identify the specifics to help make your goal a reality. Plan a way to reward yourself for following through with your new goal. A lifestyle change is permanent; your goal should help you focus on making changes that can last a lifetime.

What will your goals be for the New Year? Share them with us!


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