I need a vacation!

Vacation is something we all need but for many of us that work in the resort industry, vacation is an elusive item to find. Our work is focused on welcoming many people to a wonderful vacation where they can forget their worries and let go of some of the stress in their lives. Whatever their situation, they come to our sunny state looking for a chance to unwind and relax. People are looking for a change of pace and a way to recharge their batteries.

Their change of scenery is our workday world. And, in our world, we all know what stress feels like. We feel it every time we are faced with potential problems or situations. We, who cater to the resort industry, spend our days ensuring that our guests realize their dream of a great vacation. We double check staffing schedules, continuously plan for special events, and work hard so that others can relax.

Vacations are the lifeblood of our industry and just as we encourage people to come to our resort, we need to take some time off for ourselves. Unlike our European counterparts, Americans tend to take limited vacations, usually only 2 weeks a year. Because of the nature of our work, we feel that we cannot afford to take off more than a few days at a time. And, when we take time off, we still keep connected via email and/or cell phone.

We should watch and learn from our guests’ example. Just as people come to stay with us for a change of scenery and to relax, we need to do the same. Look at your calendar and decide what the best time is for you to have a break from work. Find a place to vacation where you can take a turn being the pampered guest. Make it a place where you are off the grid of our everyday world, out of touch electronically. Do something fun that you really want to do for yourself. Take a deep breath and relax.


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