Labor Day – Shake it up

Labor Day signals the end of summer and the start of a new school year for many people. Families are getting ready by planning for healthy school lunches and snacks. After school sports become part of a daily routine and the lazy days of summer are left behind. Even for those of us not starting a new school year, the fall season moves us into another gear.
Fall is the season for change and taking on new challenges.
Perhaps taking a new cooking class to learn about healthy meals you can introduce to your family. Or enrolling in a health course that focuses on healthy changes we can make in our daily lives. Learning always helps us to remember what’s important and keeps us abreast of changes in the health and sciences as they relate to our physical bodies. We are always discovering new ways to eat healthier and stay fit.
Maybe we will take a new fitness or dance class with a friend. Dancing is a great exercise. Popularity continues to grow for Dance Workouts and the popularity of Zumba is obvious as this made up word is now well know Internationally! Zumba is a great workout and you can burn 300-800 calories an hour depending on your level of intensity. But Zumba does not appeal to everyone. Another great way to get moving is line dancing, which can also be a great workout although not as intense as Zumba. Line dancing has been proven to improve cognitive functioning and also offers similar benefits to other lower intensity workout programs. Line dancing is something that appeals to people of all ages and dan be a fun family activity too!

Dancing coupled with good eating habits can help energize you and get you ready for any occasion. Any type of dancing you pick will help get you feeling the rhythm of fall, so try something new and go out and have some fun!

Marie Tortora


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