Eating Well

Traveling and visiting with friends is a time to gather around a table
of food and drink. Obviously it is difficult to avoid the calories you will
be adding to your diet. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables as your best bet
because they will fill you up without adding lots of extra calories. Also, drinking
lots of water with all your meals and snacks with help you hydrate, keeping you full.
Fruit smoothies and other tropical style drinks can be very tempting in hot weather but beware of all the possible sugars that might be included. If you buy commercial smoothies, or fruit purees, the calorie count is probably available. Look before you drink. Fruit juices will fill you up quickly, but soon you will be hungry for something more substantial.
Try to eat the fruit whenever possible instead of the juice. For example, watermelon
is a great thirst quencher because it is 90% water and it will also fill you up.At just under 50 calories per cup,you can enjoy watermelon all through the summer and stay hydrated too.Other melons also have similar calorie counts, with cantaloupe and honeydew melons being only slightly higher in calorie than watermelon. Best of all, these are all delicious fruits that will keep you healthy.


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